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29/3/2007- "Theseis, Be thankful for Greeks Bearing Gifts…"-XBox World 360 Magazine

27/2/20007- 7pg Interview by "Computer Games Magazine" (Hellas)

New Article from QJ.Net, on Theseis:

Theseis interviewed by Adventure Advocate, for detailed info please visit the following Enjoy!

Adventure Gamers online website wrote:
"Theseis is a title that has been flying under the radar for some time now"
"Theseis definitely didn't disappoint, as it looks like one of the most ambitious adventures currently in production."
"Theseis is shaping up to be a very promising prospect that should soon be attracting as much widespread attention in the adventure community as it did at E3. "


Theseis- A Journey of Heroes

Andronicos Kalogerou is a man devoted to science and the war against superstition. From his office in the historic centre of Athens, he has worked diligently for more than 5 years, travelling all over Greece and revealing the paranormal for what it truly is: drunken fantasies and uneducated hysteria.
But his intelligible, safe little world is going to come crushing down when a call from Pheve, his adopted sister and fervent advocate of the mythic, informs him that his step-father is not only missing, but presumed dead as well. With a heavy heart, Andronicos travels to the place of his childhood, high atop the Greek mountains, to bury an empty coffin and reunite with his quarrelsome step-sister. Little does he know that each step irrevocably brings him and Pheve closer to what Destiny has in store for them. For the death of their stepfather heralds the beginning of the greatest struggle between good and evil with the prize being nothing less than the very future of this world.

From the hidden network of caves beneath the Greek metropolis, crawling with the remnants of a bygone age and the treasures of the past, to long lost places of legend all over Greece, Andronicos and Pheve struggle to uncover the pieces of an ancient conspiracy, kept secret through stealth and murder. But what they find could well be just the tip of the iceberg. For beneath the cover of shadows and time, a great power lay dormant, waiting for the time when it will once again come forth to the light of day, back amongst the people where it belongs.

Awe and dread, humor and split-second decisions, discovery and betrayal, the mythical and the mundane, are all intertwined in this fast paced crossing to the other side, where your only allies are the discarded rumors of ancient folklore, dubious medieval books and above all your wits!


-A gripping storyline that places you in a Greece full of marvel, danger and back-stage scheming, just beneath the surface of everyday life.

- Play with both Andronicos and Pheve as they race against men and monsters to uncover the secret of Theseis.

- Frantic action and intriguing puzzles. Challenge both speed and wit in every corner of this dark fantasy world.

- Colorful characters and localities, ranging from neo-classical buildings to the grim depths of Hades.

- Innovative customized new power graphic engine, built specially to portray the full glory of Theseis' stunning environments.

- Dynamic original music score.

- For PC and Xbox 360.

Casual Games

Up-coming project for a game to be created for the casual/arcade gamers. More news coming soon.

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