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29/3/2007- "Theseis, Be thankful for Greeks Bearing Gifts"-XBox World 360 Magazine

27/2/20007- 7pg Interview by "Computer Games Magazine" (Hellas)

New Article from QJ.Net, on Theseis:

Theseis interviewed by Adventure Advocate, for detailed info please visit the following Enjoy!

Adventure Gamers online website wrote:
"Theseis is a title that has been flying under the radar for some time now"
"Theseis definitely didn't disappoint, as it looks like one of the most ambitious adventures currently in production."
"Theseis is shaping up to be a very promising prospect that should soon be attracting as much widespread attention in the adventure community as it did at E3. "

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Mission Statement

Track7games is a self funded independent game development team, based in Athens Greece, dedicated to creating innovative game play experiences. We serve a global community of enthusiastic gamers who appreciate our commitment to innovation, and above all else entertainment. Exploring the strengths and limitations of modern game creation tools both informs and inspires our unique sensibilities in game design.

Company Info

Track7 Games was established in 2003 and has been in process of putting out our first title "Theseis" which will be coming out sometime in 2008. We have attended the past two E3s with great reviews on behalf of our efforts.

The Marketing & Sales Team

Teddy Triantafillis General Managing Director

Demetris Papadopoulos Product Manager

The Team

Fayez Daud _ General Director
fayez at

Kostas Giatilis _ Animator
cgkostas at

Theodoris Kyritsopoulos Concept artist
tod at

Lefteris Mavrogiannis _ Concept artist
lefteris at

Nektarios Chionis Technical artist
nek at

Aris Kandiliotis - 3d Artist
kandiaris at

Basilis Birbas 3d Artist
birbas at

Antonis Fylladitis 3d Artist
tony at

Ektoras Karagiannis Web developer
cybernoid at

Iosif Kefalas Music Composer
iosif at

Fergus Currie _ Music Composer
currie at

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